we get **** s*** shit done

״Strategy is not a solo sport, even if you’re the CEO״
mac mckeown

Sometimes you have shit to do, and yes, we mean shit.
You know exactly where you want to go, exactly what you want to do, but there is always something in the way.
You don’t need another consultant; rather a team of operatives, your ‘boots on the ground’ that know how to get shit done.

Our team is made of seasoned business developers, marketers and project managers from different backgrounds,
each bringing their own unique experiences and expertise.

David Horesh

UNIT Team Leader

Tactical Implementation

dana loutaty

Business Developer

Project Management Operations
Research & Data Acquisition

osnat naot

Marketing and Storytelling

Creative Lead
Content & Messaging

Amit Bakshi

Business Developer

Business Development & Growth
Market Research & Analysis

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Our methology

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